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Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. This page provides you with information regarding our commitment to protect your privacy, what information this site collects and how it is used. If and when our Privacy Policy changes, this page will be updated.


This is the Website of Disability & Safety Audits Pty Ltd (DSA). Postal address is Box 639, Greensborough, Victoria, 3088 Australia. Our telephone number is +61 3 9434 6076 and you can contact us via email here.

Gathering Information

DSA will not automatically identify or collect information about you when you visit our site unless you agree to provide that information to us. Any E-mail address is not captured unless you supply that information via direct correspondence. The only information this site collects from you is in the standard logs that all Web servers produce. For every page you view on the site, information such as the date and time, page viewed and your IP address are stored in the log. We only use this information to generate statistics of how many people visit the site and how many pages are viewed each day.

Disclosure of Information

DSA retains strict policies to protect the identity of visitors to our Web site. Any data that is tracked, either through Web traffic reports or ‘cookie technology’, is reviewed as a total and cannot be linked to individual users.

If you choose to provide your email address or personal information to us, we will not release or sell this information in any way to any other parties. You will not receive ‘spam’ unsolicited emails. We do not pass on any information collected from visitors to this site to any parties.

Accuracy of Information

At DSA we do our best to ensure accurate, timely, and complete information. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information obtained from external sources.