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About Us

Why use DSA?

DSA is now positioned as a leading Australian company that specialises in undertaking disability access and pedestrian safety audits. Our experience in undertaking access audits has enabled our staff to assess all issues that can affect access and safety for people with disabilities.

Accessible public transport is an integral part of society, with over 13 year's experience and recognised internationally, Kym has established a reputation as the leading Australia consultant in accessible public transport.

Kym is keenly sort after for his knowledge and experience in the areas of accessibility, ensuring compliance with the DDA and the DDA Standards for Accessible Public Transport.

His experience has also been recognised internationally. In 2007 Kym was invited to South Africa to discuss with decision makers the requirements for Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and the benefits that are provided to the blind and vision impaired community. Kym was also invited to present a paper at the International Trade & Lifestyle Conference, Johannesburg.

In 2000 Kym was seconded to the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions United Kingdom, gaining valuable International experience and has established strong contacts with decision-makers in the UK in the area of accessible public transport.

Disability Discrimination Act

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was passed by the Federal Parliament, in November 1992, with the first DDA Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport passed in October 2002. The leading object of the Act is: "to eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination against persons on the ground of disability" - and to do this in areas of life from employment and education to access to premises and goods & services.

The DDA is a general law that removes discrimination in a wide range of activities. Its philosophy is that all people have rights to access the economic, social, cultural and political life of the community.

What is an accessibility & safety audit?

An accessibility & safety audit is a formalised assessment of facilities to identify possible and probable accessibility and safety deficiencies in:

  • New and Proposed pedestrian and infrastructure projects
  • Existing pedestrian and infrastructure facilities

Why undertake an accessibility & safety audit?

  • To ensure new facilities incorporate current accessibility and safety principals during concept and design stages
  • To minimise the potential for accidents during and post construction
  • To minimise the possibility of legal action against authorities, architects, designers, developers, planners and contractors

When to undertake an accessibility audit?

Access audits can be undertaken:

  • At the concept stage
  • At the functional design stage
  • At the detailed design stage
  • At the construction stage
  • Pre-opening stage
  • Post-opening stage

An assessment of existing pedestrian environments or building access can also be undertaken. DSA will adopt the following procedures to identify existing problem areas and potential problem areas based on risk management principles and develop suitable counter measures:

  • Assess existing conditions that are potential hazards
  • Identify any faults and provide a pictorial report
  • Development of suitable solutions
  • Assessment will be conducted during the day and also at night where relevant

Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety Assessment

Personal injury, loss of life and litigation are major considerations for all road authorities, councils, architects and builders.

A DSA assessment of pedestrian accessibility and safety measures will:

  • Investigate pedestrian accessibility and safety issues and development of suitable solutions
  • Assist implementation of pedestrian safety and accessibility schemes
  • Develop pedestrian accessibility & safety initiatives


In the development of various public infrastructure projects, one critical aspect of today's projects is ensuring that they meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act - 1992 (DDA). DSA through public consultation assists to resolve or address any accessibility and safety access concerns with the aim of reducing or eliminating the potential of incurring additional costs and in the successful delivery of the project for the client.